Terms & Conditions

The purchase of material from Innovative Bathroom Systems, Inc. herein referred to as “IBS” is governed by the Laws of Florida. All purchasers agree that IBS is solely a wholesale distributor and that your purchase is an acceptance of this agreement in its entirety without exception.

First, the purchaser agrees to abide by all manufacturer instructions for assembling and installing the products purchased from IBS. The manufacturer’s instructions will be sent with all products purchased, if for some reason the instructions were missing it is the purchasers responsibility to visit the manufacturer’s website or visit IBS’s website for links to instructions and/or installation paraphernalia to assist with installing the products in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

Secondly, as client pays for shipping to the purchaser’s designated location from the manufacturer unless the minimum order has been achieved for IBS to pay for the shipping, if a product purchased from IBS has been received damaged, defective, and/or incorrect in as to the product requested. The purchaser agrees to return the product in the manner received to the manufacturer. IBS must receive an email notice and approve the product being returned via email prior to returning. The shipping cost to return the damaged, defective, and/or incorrect item will be borne by the purchaser. However, after inspection by the manufacturer has been completed and it has been determined that the product was damaged in route, incorrectly sent, and/or defective, the product will be replaced by IBS as long as IBS was notified within 48 hours of receipt. A credit for the shipping cost to return the product will be given with the submission of the receipt to IBS. If the 48 hour grace period has passed the shipping credit will not be provided by IBS. Additionally, if the product is not returned in the same manner as shipped or if the product is not damaged or defective a 10% restocking charge will be accessed prior to issuing a credit if the product is no longer desired.

Finally, as the purchaser in most cases is a contractor or reseller, and the purchaser’s wish to be exempt from Florida Sales Tax. The purchaser agrees to provide documentation within 24 hours of the sale date in order to be credited with the initial sales tax collected by IBS. Failure by the purchaser to provide documentation within the 24 hour notice period will cause Florida Sales Tax to be remitted without regard to an exemption that may have existed, but was not documented.

IBS will take every reasonable measure to insure that the products ordered are received by the purchaser in a manner that allows for resale or installation of the product ordered. However, IBS is not liable for damages caused by the purchaser’s failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions, installation guidelines, state building codes, and/or commonsense when installing or using the products purchased from IBS.

Any issues with this agreement need to be addressed with IBS in writing prior to the purchase of any product listed on the IBS Ecommerce website.

Effective: July 9, 2016


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